Upcoming events

    • 16 Aug 2017
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Hancock Turfgrass Research Center


    7:30 AM Registration Opens 

    8:45 AM Opening Comments

    9:00 AM Morning research tours begin

    12:00 PM Catered lunch by Spartan Hall of Fame Cafe

    1:00 PM Afternoon workshops/field tours begin

    3:00 PM Afternoon workshops/field tours conclude

    5 MDARD pesticide recertification credits available.

    3 credits available for 3A, 6, or Comm. Core for the morning tour. 2 credits available for 3A, 6, or Comm. Core for the afternoon diagnostic tours. 

    Morning Research Tours 

    There are separate tours for Golf and Lawn Care/Grounds/Athletic Fields. Each tour will have 6 stops of 30 minutes in length.

    Golf Research Tour (3 MDARD pest. recert credits; .30 GCSAA Education pts)

    Topics/Stops include:

    Managing diseases on golf courses

    Turfgrass abiotic stress

    Cultural & mechanical methods for controlling organic matter

    Putting green renovation practices

    Insect control recommendations

    Phosphorus deficiency research

    Lawn Care/Grounds/Athletic Field Tour (3 MDARD pest. recert credits)

    Topics/Stops include:

    Disease management

    Spring post emergence broadleaf weed control

    Grub control recommendations

    Crabgrass control recommendations

    Soil testing, P limits, and potentail P deficiencies

    Species and cultivar evaluations

    Afternoon Workshops/Tours

    1. Weed Walk (2 MDARD pest. recert credits; .20 GCSAA Education pts) limited to 60 registrants

    As the weed walk enters it’s 17th year, the summer of 2017 has produced another bumper crop of weeds infesting turf.  Aaron Hathaway will lead the tour of the turf center and teach identification characteristics of the common turf weeds and the best control practices.  Tour will include discussion of best management practices both with and without herbicides to ensure high turfgrass quality and most importantly customer satisfaction. 

    2. Disease Walk (primarily golf turf diseases) (2 MDARD pest. recert credits; .20 GCSAA Education pts) limited to 60 registrants

    The turf pathology research team will lead this diagnostic tour for pathogens.   If you have difficulty distinguishing between Laetisaria fuciformis and Limnomyces roseipellis on your golf course you definitely need to attend this workshop.  Participants will learn:

    • 1)    How to identify the common turfgrass diseases using both in-field techniques and microscopes
    • 2)    Management options for common diseases including: dollar spot, brown patch, crown-rotting anthracnose, red thread, and pythium blight and root-rot.
    • 3)    How to recognize the symptoms of summer decline of both bentgrass and Poa annua

    3. Insect Walk (2 MDARD pest. recert credits; .20 GCSAA Education pts) limited to 40 registrants

    Proper insect management demands proper identification of damage and the insect.  Join MSU entomologist Dr. David Smitley for an insect diagnostics walking tour of the MSU campus.  During the tour various ornamental and turfgrass insect damage symptoms will be observed and cultural and insecticide management options will be discussed. 

    4. Athletic Field Tour (2 MDARD pest. recert credits)

    Torrential rains this spring flooded the MSU soccer, baseball, and softball complexes resulting in turf loss. The fields were established beginning in May and by field day should be ready for play. Discussion will include different establishment techniques used, herbicide recommendations for establishment during summer, and fertilizer programs to hasten establishment.

    • 03 Jan 2018
    • 05 Jan 2018
    • Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center

    The conference will be held on the beautiful campus of Michigan State University (MSU), home of the Spartans, at the Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center January 3-5, 2018. 

    The MTF and MSU are planning on delivering a very informative and rewarding education package offering CEU's from MDARD as well as the GCSAA. There will be three days of education and our goal is to increase awareness, education, and interest in the Turfgrass Industry while at the same time supporting our world renown MSU Turfgrass Program and its Professors who play such an integral role in informing, improving, and sustaining the Turfgrass Professional's knowledge, skills and career.

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The Michigan Turfgrass Foundation exists to promote safe, healthy turf surfaces for all Michigan residents.

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