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Upcoming events

    • 20 Jun 2019
    • 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM
    • Coyote Preserve Golf Club

    Registration 8:00 am
    Shotgun 9:00 am

    The Gordon LaFontaine Endowment for Turfgrass Research was created to establish a solid source of funding for basic research in the field of turfgrass science. Donations to the LaFontaine Endowment create a legacy to fund research long-term, as these donations work in perpetuity to generate interest for fundamental research projects to help solve tomorrow’s problems today. The LaFontaine Golf Outing is an annual event held to generate income for the LaFontaine Endowment.

    *Payment may be made online with registration or during check in at the golf outing.  Choose "Invoice Me" option and a printable invoice will be emailed to you.

    • 14 Aug 2019
    • 8:00 AM - 3:00 PM
    • Hancock Turfgrass Research Center

    2019 Turfgrass Field Day


    7:30 AM Registration Opens 

    8:45 AM Opening Comments

    9:00 AM Morning research tours begin

    12:00 PM Catered lunch by Gravity Smokehouse and BBQ (pulled pork & chicken, cornbread, slaw, and beans)

    1:00 PM Afternoon workshops/field tours begin

    3:00 PM Afternoon workshops/field tours conclude

    5 MDARD pesticide recertification credits available*.

    * Credit approval is not yet final but in past years we have received 3 credits for 3A, 6, or Comm. Core for the morning tour and 2 credits for 3A, 6, or Comm. Core for the afternoon tours. 

    Morning Research Tours 

    There are separate tours for Golf and Lawn Care/Grounds/Athletic Fields. Each tour will have 6 stops of 30 minutes in length.

    Golf Research Tour (3 MDARD pest. recert credits*; anticipate .30 GCSAA Education pts)

    Topics/Stops include:

    Managing diseases on golf courses

    Annual bluegrass control on fairways 

    Rolling fairways and rolling during establishment

    Putting green renovation practices including Basamid and fraze mowing

    Update on Japanese beetle and other turf pests

    Winterkill research update

    Lawn Care/Grounds/Athletic Field Tour (3 MDARD pest. recert credits*)

    Topics/Stops include:

    Disease management

    Preemergence herbicides  for weed control

    Update on Japanese beetle and other turf pests

    Annual bluegrass control in athletic fields and lawns

    Herbicide timing and tactics for enhancing broadleaf weed control

    Species and cultivar evaluations

    Afternoon Workshops/Tours

    1. Weed Walk (2 MDARD pest. recert credits*; anticipate .20 GCSAA Education pts) limited to 60 registrants

    As the weed walk enters it’s 19th year, the summer of 20189 has produced another bumper crop of weeds infesting turf.  Dr. Thom Nikolai will lead the tour of the turf center and teach identification characteristics of the common turf weeds and the best control practices.  Tour will include discussion of best management practices both with and without herbicides to ensure high turfgrass quality and most importantly customer satisfaction. 

    2. Disease Walk (primarily golf turf diseases) (2 MDARD pest. recert credits*; anticipate .20 GCSAA Education pts) limited to 60 registrants

    The turf pathology research team will lead this diagnostic tour for pathogens.   If you have difficulty distinguishing between Laetisaria fuciformis and Limnomyces roseipellis on your golf course you definitely need to attend this workshop.  Participants will learn:

    • 1)    How to identify the common turfgrass diseases using both in-field techniques and microscopes
    • 2)    Management options for common diseases including: dollar spot, brown patch, crown-rotting anthracnose, red thread, and pythium blight and root-rot.
    • 3)    How to recognize the symptoms of summer decline of both bentgrass and Poa annua

    3.Ride-On Sprayer/Spreader Calibration (2 MDARD pest. recert credits*; anticipate .20 GCSAA Education pts) 

    From simply understanding the output of your ride-on spreader/sprayer to some ideas to get more value from them make this workshop great opportunity for all levels of applicator experience. Today’s products have lower application rates and enhanced formulations. Which nozzles and deposition patterns will perform better with them? Are you guessing, or knowing your rotary spreader's overlap? Remember: Michigan Standards for pesticide use require “pesticide application equipment shall be properly calibrated”. All great reasons to stay for this workshop!

    4. Spartan Stadium Athletic Field Tour (2 MDARD pest. recert credits*)

    Spartan Stadium, one of just four collegiate football fields in the country to win Sports Turf Managers Association (STMA) Field of the Year honors twice, will be getting a new playing surface for the 2019 season. This field tour of Spartan Stadium will discuss the conversion process from removing all the modules, installing drainage, replacing the rootzone, installing sod, and management practices over the summer to prepare the field for the first game in August.

    • 07 Jan 2020
    • 8:00 AM
    • 09 Jan 2020
    • 8:00 PM
    • Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, East Lansing, MI

    2020 Michigan Turfgrass Conference Sponsorship Opportunities

    Michigan Turfgrass Conference - January 7-9, 2020
    Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, East Lansing, MI
    Exhibit Function:  January 7, 2019 / 4:00 - 6:30pm

    • 07 Jan 2020
    • 9:00 AM
    • 09 Jan 2020
    • 4:00 PM
    • MSU Kellogg Center

    Credit Information:

    MDARD Pesticide Recertification Credits

    Tuesday, Jan. 22: 4 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

    Wednesday, Jan. 23: 7 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

    Thursday, Jan. 24: 6 credits (3A, 3B, 6, Comm. Core)

    GCSAA  Education Pts.

    Tuesday, Jan. 22: 0.60 pts.

    Wednesday, Jan. 23: 0.60 pts.

    Thursday, Jan. 24: 0.65 pts. 

    Education Program

    Tuesday, Jan 22     

    Golf (Big Ten A)

    9:00 AM          Creating and Leading a High Octane, High Productivity, "On a Mission from God" High Performance Team - Greg Patterson, Founder and President, Tribal Magic                                          

    10:45 AM       Turfgrass Pathology Research Update - Dr. Joe Vargas, Jr.

    11:30 AM       Putting Green Management Research Update - Dr. Trey Rogers                                         

    12:00 Lunch                                                 

    1:30 PM         The Big Time-Long Time Staff Happy Toolbox - Gregg Patterson, Founder and President, Tribal Magic

    2:30 PM         Implementing the Smith-Kerns Dollar Spot Model at your facility - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin      

    3:30 PM         Michigan Pesticide Regulatory Update - Molly Mott, Pesticide Enforcement Specialist, MDARD                                   

    Lawns, Athletic Fields, and Grounds (Lincoln)            

    10:45 AM       Weed Control Update - Aaron Hathaway, Msu

    1:30 PM         What We've Learned from Stadium Turf Establishment Projects - Dr. Trey Rogers, MSU           

    2:30 PM      2018 Year in Review and Tips for Improving Turf in 2019 - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU                                                   

    3:30 PM         Turf Insects in Michigan Lawns - David Smitley, MSU

    4:30 PM         Annual Meetings MiGCSA, MTF, MiSTMA 

    Equipment Technicians Session (Hancock Turf Research Center)

    8:00 AM Registration

    8:30-10:30 AM Schaffer oil and lubricants, grease and fuel additives

    10:45 AM Jacobsen 

    12:00  Lunch

    1:00 PM   John Deere JW Turf - Bill Stone  

    3:00 PM Adjourn                                    

    Wednesday, Jan. 23 

    Golf (Big Ten A morning; Auditorium afternoon)                             

    8:00 AM          Grad Student Research Presentations - Ryan Bearss, Thomas Green, Anna Stouffer-Hopkins, and Mick Piombino

    9:00 AM          Turfgrass Nutrition, Nutrient Fate, and Cultivar Evaluation Research Update - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU

    9:30 AM          Physiology Research Update - Dr. Emily Merewitz, MSU

    10:00 AM       Snow Mold Control: What works and why the heck didn't it work at my place - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin

    11:00 AM Lunch

    12:30 PM       Golf as Natural Capital - Dr. Brian Horgan, Univ. Minnesota

    1:30 PM         The Story of Erin Hills - Mike Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf

    2:30 PM         Growing Turf in Low Light, Shaded Environments - Dr. Aaron Patton 

    3:30 PM Scholarship Awards

    4:00 PM Vendor Half-Time Show

    Lawns, Athletic Fields, and Grounds (Lincoln)

    8:00 AM          CSI Turfgrass: Identification and management of the most common lawn/sports diseases, insects, and abiotic problems - Dr. Paul Koch, Univ. Wisconsin    

    9:00 AM          Sustainable Turfgrass Systems - Dr. Brian Horgan, Univ. Minnesota         


    10:00 AM       MSU Weed Diagnostics - Erin Hill, MSU Diagnostic Services           


    11:00 Lunch

    12:30 PM       How you can make your herbicides work better - Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University    

    1:30 PM         Identifying Diseases in Lawns and Sports Turf - Nancy Dykema, MSU       


    2:30 PM         Biting Stinging Insects - Howard Russell, MSU Diagnostic Services          

    3:30 PM         Scholarship Awards (Auditorium)

    4:00 PM         Vendor Half-Time Show                             

    Asst. Golf Course Superintendents (103 AB)

    12:30 PM       Tall fescue: Niche grass or game changer? - Bob Vavrek, USGA

    1:30 PM         Transitioning from Asst. to Superintendent - Mike Montney, Western Golf and CC and Brian Hilfinger, Edgewood CC

    2:00 PM         South 9 renovation at Cascade Hills CC - Orville Davis, Cascade Hills CC

    2:30 PM         GCSAA Assistant Certification and EXCEL Leadership Programs - Steve Randall, GCSAA

    3:30 PM Adjourn                          

    Equipment Technicians Session (Hancock Turf Research Center)

    8:00 AM Registration

    8:30 AM Reel Science presented by Foley United

    10:45 AM EZGO Fuel Injection and Lithium Technology

    12:00  Lunch

    1:00 PM Toro, Spartan Distributors - John Garlets and Tom Burke

    3:00 PM Hydraulics

    4:00 PM Adjourn

    Thursday, Jan. 24 

    Golf (Big Ten C)     

    8:00 AM          Understanding PGR Application Timings - Aaron Hathaway, MSU

    8:30 AM          50th Anniversary of the O.J. Noer Turf Collection at MSU - Pete Cookingham, MSU Libraries

    9:00 AM          USGA Regional Update - Bob Vavrek, USGA

    10:00 AM       Golf and the Law - Mike Hurdzan, Hurdzan Golf

    11:00 AM       Golf Course Research Update - Dr. Thom Nikolai

    12:00 PM       Lunch

    1:30 PM         Railside Golf Club Master Plan Renovation - Jeff Smith, Railside Golf Club

    2:00 PM         Speaker TBD

    2:30 PM         Restoration at Inverness Club - Ryan Kaczor, Inverness Club

    3:00 PM         Benefits of Forward Tees on Golf Courses - Chris Wilczynski, CW Golf Architecture

    3:30 PM         The First Green and GCSAA Programs Update - John Fulling, Kalamazoo CC    

    4:30 PM Adjourn                        

    Lawns, Grounds, and Athletic Fields Joint Session (Big Ten B)

     8:00 AM          Calibrating Sprayers and Spreaders on New Ride On Sprayers/Spreaders - Dr. Aaron Patton, Purdue University

    Lawns and Grounds (104 AB)

    10:00 AM       Don't Let This Happen to You - Dr. Ben Hamza, TruGreen  

    11:00 AM       Abiotic Plant Problems and Solutions - Dr. Bob Schutzki, MSU

    12:00 PM       Lunch

    1:30 PM         Lawncare success and failures - Dr. Thom Nikolai, MSU

    2:30 PM         Trees and Turf: Can't We All Just Get Along - Dr. Berg Cregg, MSU

    3:30 PM         Ornamental and Landscape Disease Diagnostics - Dr. Jan Byrne, MSU

    4:30 PM Adjourn

    Athletic Fields (103 AB)

    10:00 AM       Soil Drainage and the Sand Cap-Build Up System - Dr. Jim Crum, MSU

    11:00 AM       Field of the Year Presentation - MiSTMA

    12:00 PM       Lunch

    1:30 PM         Diagnosing Athletic Field Problems - Dr. Ben Hamza, TruGreen

    2:30 PM         Turf Nutrition and Fertilizer Programs for Athletic Fields - Dr. Kevin Frank, MSU

    3:30 PM         Robotic painting techniques for athletic fields - Josh Dukes, Turf Tank Intelligent Marking    

    4:30 PM Adjourn                             

    • 08 Jan 2020
    • 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM
    • Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, East Lansing, MI

    2020 Michigan Turfgrass Conference Halftime Show

    Michigan Turfgrass Conference - January 7-9, 2020
    Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, East Lansing, MI
    Exhibit Function:  January 8, 2020 / 4:00 - 6:30pm

    This is a registration contract to exhibit at the Michigan Turfgrass Conference Halftime Show, being held at the Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center, Big Ten Rooms A, B, C.

    • A standard display booth 6' x 6' will be furnished with a 6' 25.5" table, skirting and 2 chairs.
    • Each initial booth space includes two (2) conference badges.
    • MTF offers its business partners various sponsorship opportunities for activities/ programs during the conference.  If interested in sponsorship, please indicate on registration form.
    • For exhibitor layout and available booths please click here.
    NOTE:  Full amount due upon completion of registration.
    • No booth refunds will be made after December 30, 2019.
    • A $100 fee will be charged if booth is cancelled after November 30, 2019.
    • Booth fee allows for up to two company representatives per booth.
    • Only one company per booth.

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